I have tried in times past to dictate to The Lord.

Long since I have learned that He knows best!

To strive for my own will I cannot afford,

Even though, often times, His will involves a test.



A thousand tests inflicted cannot compare

To the eternal loss we could incur.

What makes us think this life is all there is?

In God’s tomorrow time is but a blur.



Forevermore!  Oh God!  Forevermore!

How can we possibly resist?

How can we not long for that blissful shore?

“My will be done?”  Do not insist!



My will can bring destruction in the end!

I now resign my will to You!

Dear God, there is nothing left within me to defend.

“Thy will be done!”  I will be true!



I have hurt so many!  I hate what I have done.

So many loved ones, this I know.

I long to draw them to The Lord each one!

I long His grace to all of them show!



What more can be done to have them listen?

Must Christ be crucified again?

No!  I reject my will!  I want Yours now!

Your broken heart, my cleansing I allow!



Cleansing all without, within, my sin!



Sam Cox 05.18.03

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