So there I was in the middle of it, this river so clear and wide,

And bright it was from a hidden source and I had no place to hide!


But why should I hide?  I thought to myself.  There is nothing around here to fear!

This ‘River of Life’ from the source of all life radiates nothing but cheer!


The water was calm and crystal clear and cool as an evening breath.

And strangely, I thought, there is feeling here!  Just does not seem like death!


But is was; in memory I felt the pain, the blackness of night,

The slipping away from reality, the loss of feeling and sight.


But look at me now!  Oh, look at him!  (The stranger running ahead.)

I followed him though I knew not why.  It was as though I was being led!


Impulsively I kept following on; I felt his exuberance, too!

Soon I was leaping as high as he with joy, so crazy and new!


“Come!” he cried, his arms flailing wildly!  “Where?” I answered but ran!

He plunged in the river then I plunged, too.  Together we laughed and swam!


“Up there on that hill, the heights above, the city we will see from there!

“Up there, the center of all our light!  Our Savior beyond compare!”


Recognition then dawned!  We rolled in the sand hugging and laughing for joy!

He had died of the plague, so many years past, when I was but a small boy.


Father and son reunited at last!  What could be better than this?

“Son,” father said, “You have not seen half.  Soon you will experience true bliss!”


Same age now, though ageless we ran!  Tirelessly and strong!

Soon mother, brothers, relatives, friends comprised a glad, joyous throng!


The City appeared, ‘The City of Light!’  So bright and yet without glare.

I just could not wait!  I ran ahead to be welcomed by Jesus up there,


But wait I must!

Just keep in touch!



Soon and very soon we are going to see The King!  Hallelujah!



Sam Cox 05.13.03

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