We have all been there, bereavement time.

Grief stricken faces long,

A child is killed, car accident

A deeply hurting mom!



We really dig for comfort words

So awkward but we tried.

We even prayed a comfort prayer,

So helpless, the child died!



Our hearts wrung out, “Dear God, what gives?”

Do all things work for good?

This lovely child her life snuffed out!

This cannot be as it should!



“You love the little children, Lord,

Well, I love this one, too!

But now she is gone, a better place?

So now what do I do?”



It may sound trite but no less true,

She is in a better place!

She is there while you look forward to

God’s consummative grace!



Yes, we have all been there, the place of grief.

No “Happy Hunting Ground.”

The hunter has been hunted down

Now he is heaven-bound!



The kindness of our God, through grief

Do not underestimate!

The briefest day of suffering then

Sweet bliss beyond that gate!



Oh yes, you had the right words, A better place!



San Cox 05.06.03

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