Mother Earth lures me, draws me but not to herself

To her Creator!


Not incredibly I am drawn by the one true thought

To one true mother!


Mary, though a virgin, through mortal pain mothered

The Man, Christ Jesus.


Distinctive as a Man and sinless as true God

He came to free us!


A mystery?  True!  Look about, what is not mysterious?

Can you name one tree,


One flower, one animal, one fossil, one insect,

One star, or one galaxy?


That is not surrounded by mystery?  Then how about

One you and one me?


I cannot boast a clone nor can you, nor do I care

For another one,


Of me to dredge the depths, or scale the heights, or even

Dream of things I have done!


But for the consummative, the unthinkable,

See this mystery:


The Kings of Kings, The Lords of Lords!  Designer!  Creator!

One who died for me!



Oh God, I thank You!



Most sincerely,

Sam Cox 05.13.03

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