Malefactor doomed in the eyes of civilized citizenry.

Thief, killer, outlaw, crucified on a rough hewn cross tree!

A Roman cross, oh yes, I did it!  I am guilty as accused!

Why did I?  Oh agony, it hurts!  Please let me die and be free!



What is this another cross, another killer?  So quiet now!

What is that, His bloody face?  A circle of thorns on His brow?

Those eyes they look at me as if to say, “Yes, so full of sin!”

No!  This cannot be!  Those sad eyes cry out, “I cannot sin allow!”



“My sin You mean?”  “Yes, and all the sins of the sinful world.”

The Christ?  Come down, a third cross, like, ugly serpent curled.

I cried out in rage, “Oh, stupid one!  This man is innocent!”

The Christ?  The Christ!  A wild burst of colors, like, banners unfurled!



I see it all now!  Please remember me!  Guilty though I be!

My sins are on Him laid, the sinless One, He dies now for me!

“Remember me (one for whom You die) when You come.”

Through blood He smiles and nods, “This day…”  Oh bliss!  I am forever free!



(This poem may not be beautiful but neither is the cross!

The thief’s only baptism was a baptism of pain, to stretch a point,

but God saved him anyhow!  Hallelujah!)



Oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful and my song shall ever be.

Oh now marvelous, oh how wonderful is my Saviors love for me!

A hymn by Charles H. Gabriel composed in 1800’s.



Sam Cox 03.18.03

Just another thief saved by Grace

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