“I do not deserve,” “I am not good enough,”

Neither side will win!

For ever since Christ died for you

Ignoring Grace is sin!



It is free.  “Nothing is free,” you say.

Exactly why you lose.

Raised to feel that nothing is free,

You just sit back and choose.



Guess I will go the legalistic way,

Keep the law and pass.

You may be good for several days

But it just will not last.



Dependence a good word to learn.

Christ took your sins and died!

Because the “Wages of sin is death” (1)

He died!  Was crucified!



Salvation is yours once you depend

On Him who paid sins price!

It is free to all because Christ made

That single sacrifice!



Now when I sin I still depend (2)

On that one death, He died.

I come confessing, He forgives, (2)

I cannot be denied. (3)



His word is good, He keeps His word,

Whatever you may think!

The water of life is free to all (4)

All you need do is drink!



(1) “…but the gift of God is eternal life.”

(2) 1 John 1:9

(3) But David warns against presumptuous sinning.

(4) Revelation 22:17



Sam Cox 06.18.04

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