She said “You did not cry when your eyelids dropped.

You did not go ‘boo-hoo’ to everyone.

You gave your car away to your fine grandson

Looked like your life on earth was done!”



She said “That did not stop you, you got better.”

Reminded me that I kept writing stuff.

I kept reading, kept on praying, and got better!

I said I would keep on writing until He said “Enough!” (*)



She said, well you know, she made me feel much better.

When we got through talking I felt great!

Made me feel more like life was worth the living,

From now on I am flying!  No slow freight!



All these poems that I write I know she reads them.

Remembers, like, the word presumption.

Remembered from a previous one, she liked it,

Well, do not you know this guy too can dream some!



Words like these can lift a guy high, you know, skyward!

Such words do not come too often anymore!

This granddaughter’s name, I think, is Barnabas,

Encourager, think I will call back some more!



Another thing she told me, “Keep on praying!”

Helps me to go to sleep at night.

God knows and cares, wants me to care, also!

That is why you are in my prayers, feels so right!



(*) God



Sam Cox 06.19.04

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