The creator and sustainer of our universe

He is the bright and morning star.

He is with me in blessing and fellowship right here!

Yet He ministers to others afar!



He is lauded and worshipped by millions in heaven!

Yet He gives Himself to us now, here!

He created the universe with a rare thought,

And still He abides with me near.



He is still creating out there in infinity!

Yet you can feel His presence right now!

He shatters the clouds with thunders in the heavens

And still we are no stiff, we will not bow.



Bow down to Him now!  He is worthy of praise!

We cower under “acts of God”

Repetitiously sing about our awesome God!

Do not you know He is the only God?



There is no other God under heaven or above.

“I am the master of my fate?”

Sure you are and yet when we come to the end

We do not want to share Satan’s fate!



Listen up!  We matter to our God of love!

He created worlds without end!

So easily He keeps universal order

And He still wants to be your friend!



* John 15:14



Sam Cox 06.09.04

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