The fog moves in and shadows fall.

One cannot see the sun at all.

It is so complete in hiding out

Can hardly see the trees about!



It does not mean the trees are not there,

They are where man planted them everywhere!

Though we cannot see the sun we know

It just cannot penetrate below.



Through all this fog that shifts about,

But it is all there it will not fade out!

And when those clouds have rolled away

It leaves to us a brighter day.



Sometimes, I fear, when shadows fall

That God cannot hear my plea at all.

Seems constant and the clouds just sit

The dark is still there, the fog will not lift.



Well, what would you know, I see a light!

Now would not you know the sun is too bright!

It is way too hot, will not fade away!

Sure wish the fog would roll this way!



So how are you going to please them all?

When will The Lord make the right call?

His blessings flow!  The sun shines bright

But still we are glad for clouds and the night!



Sam Cox 06.07.04

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