Dented, bent, and full of hurt,

Slugs too close!  Been eating dirt!

Weight fell off but whiskers grew.

Not the boy that they once knew.



Stinking leaches sure get bold,

Drink your blood before it is cold.

This day is just like yesterday,

I may die take time to pray.



No kneeling here, pray as you go,

Maybe then will not feel the blow.

Hug the trees but stagger on

Do not need brains just lots of brawn.



So today we lost another,

Someone’s son, he loved his mother.

What to write?  Just make it known?

Your son will not be coming home!



What more can a tired soldier ask?

Six months and now in safety bask?

Sunken eyes no smile in there.

Two bronze stars and should he care?



Oh God!  What are we dying for?

Is there no end to hate and war?

I bet my life, you take a look,

God gives the answer in His book! (*)



(*) The Good Book, Bible, search it.

The answer is there.  You will find it

if you search earnestly!



Sam Cox 05.30.03

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