‘The Fourth’ a day to celebrate,

We have good reason to.

“One nation under God,” we say

But now a conflicting view.



Our fathers stood firm for the truth.

They fought for it and won!

We have grown now and the truth proclaimed

Is not accepted by some.



‘The truth’ what is it? Pilate asked.

I think an honest question.

The Lord gave answer, I believe,

As honest as the question.



“I,” He said with authority,

“I am the way and the truth

And the life.”  Abundant and free

But this we do not teach the youth.



Obviously the truth is Christ,

The Divine expression of GOD!

Anything else is cult and wrong

And that we cannot afford!



Of course, that is what our freedom says

We are free to live and choose.

But I cannot help throwing this in,

It is either The Way or lose.



Songs we like to sing on the Fourth;

“…His truth goes marching on.”

From the “Battle Hymn of the Republic,”

But then what is in a song?



“My Country ‘tis of Thee, sweet land…”

“My eyes have seen The Glory of the coming of The Lord.”

“Christ was born across the sea with a Glory in His bosom

That transfigures you and me!”



But celebrate; it is nice to know,

One thing we agree upon,

The fireworks are fun and nice

And the flag will still fly on and on!



Sam Cox 07.04.04

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