I do not bend knee to anyone.  Just God gets my acclaim.

He made me and He loves me and He knows me by my name!


Sure we are all created equal; you are no better off than I.

I am certain you outrank me but we are all going to die.


You may be king or president or duke or lord or squire,

But you know something?  Listen up!  We all get old, retire!


Because I do not bend knee does not mean that I do not care.

He cares for me and yet, He knows and names each star out there! (*)


Though I do not bow to anyone, except my Lord and King,

I respect you!  May I help you with this message I now bring?


There is but one God, Creator!  He made you, loves you so,

He gave His life to save you.  He died that you might know–


That “His grace is sufficient,” He knows you through and through. (**)

I am a pauper.  Have you wealth?  Well, you cannot take it with you!



(*)  Psalm 147:4

(**) II Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you…”

      (You got a better plan?  I would like to hear it.)



Sam Cox 07.09.03

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