A hand kept me from bleeding to death

The hand on top of my head.

The tender touch but firm on my wound

Otherwise I would be dead!



Subconsciously I could hear your prayer,

That considered my demise,

A fervent prayer for my soul’s welfare,

So it was no real surprise.



When I woke up here and recognized

Your voice from that prayer below.

Though still subconscious I said, “Yes,” to Christ

And salvation I came to know!



I lived down there long enough to write

A thank you to my friends. (*)

In heaven now we meet with awe

In a friendship that never ends!



(*) A note in a local Ohio paper that we anticipated,

watched for, and soon found.  We were in route to California.

A short statement thanking “the unknown friends” that saved her.

The three other occupants in the car were dead when we arrived

on the scene.



(Why did I write this ‘from heaven’?  Maybe is just my natural longing,

the older I grow, more surely I know that I am just passing through!

Or maybe it is so close I feel, like, I am almost there.)



Sam Cox 07.14.03

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