Prayer will not work unless you can see

God, as your Father, wanting to be


Close to you, loving you, eager to find

A son or a daughter with like loving mind!


Prayer, like the air you breathe, cannot do without

Filling your spirit and banishing doubt!


Get close to Him, focus!  A live grateful heart

Will widen the prayer flow!  He is near from the start.


As long as you fervently breathe in His love

You will constantly feel His smile from above!


He cares dearly for you!  I trust you are aware

When life seems against you, just trust He is there.


In times of distress you will especially find,

As you look and seek, He bestows peace of mind!


An incredible, loving, compassionate Friend!

Is your life broken?  What He made He can mend!



Trust Him!



Give Him a try.  People have expired trying out-of-sight stuff

and have died trying!  You cannot go wrong with Him.

He said, “He who comes to me, I will in no wise cast out,”

John 6:37.  (No way will I reject anyone who comes to Me.)



Sam Cox 07.07.03

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