“Every knee shall bow,” no matter where you sit!

“Every tongue shall confess,” you can count in it.


Believe it or do not the time is coming soon,

Not predictable could be night or high noon!


Christ is not a panacea, a mere interest pleasing prop,

Not a caffeine builder to just lift then let you drop.


Not a human superman confined to time and place!

God is The Master Builder supervising all of space!


Whatever you may think of Him, He wants to be your friend!

Not just through this ‘vale of tears’ but to be the very end.


Agnostic?  You cannot know Him?  Yes you can and will!

Just sit a spell and listen, just listen and be still!


Give Him full attention; He has much to say to you,

Regarding the conviction; “To yourself you must be true.”


Are you listening?  He is inviting you to trust His saving grace.

Inviting you to knowledge (*) someday look upon His face.


Either that or the other, either faith here and now

Or the fact will be redundant when “Every knee shall bow.”



And every knee shall bow!  Count on it!



(*) Knowledge as opposed to Ag(nostic), Gr. cannot know.



Sam Cox 07.20.03

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