God’s foreknowledge of our actions

Of our thoughts and even whims,

Does not alter His responses

To our needs when brought to Him.



Sure, it is hard to understand it,

Do His actions toward man

Ever change?  Enough to know

That God had and has a plan!



Is His plan ever retroactive?

Does He ever change, repent?

Yes!  With Nineveh’s example (*)

It is agreed, He does relent.



Moses’ intervention, often

In the wilderness, would prove

That God’s predestined promise of

Dire judgment could be moved.



How to know unchanging nature

Of our God who changes not,

Not to worry!  Not your problem!

To know all is not our lot!



“How unsearchable His actions

And His ways past finding out.” (**)

He can save you and redeem you,

Even though you harbor doubt.



Though God sees and knows before hand

Just which way you choose to go,

Can a heart of strong repentance

Change His mind?  I still do not know!



(And I am not taking any chances!)



(*)  Jonah 3:9, 10

(**) Romans 11:33



Sam Cox 09.20.03

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