Jesus healed all who came to Him,

The sick, the lame, and the blind.

The lepers, those incurable,

Still today it comes to mind.



“A hypnotist!  A fake!” they cried.

“Just watch the disease will return!”

“A master craftsman, magician,

He, with Beelzebub, will burn!”



But their unbelief came from him,

The one who ‘believes and trembles’ (*)

And the self-deluded just grow and grow

As today Satan assembles!



“What more can you ask?  The pleasures

Of sin, do they not satisfy?”

“Come live as you please and when life

Ends in oblivion, forever lie!”



This is not a true statement,

As Paul sincerely declares,

Who saw and heard from Paradise (**)

Secrets beyond compare.



And well we know, have felt the heat,

Of hell from time to time.

Nirvana, oblivion, how can you believe

The devils insidious line?



And still many chose the devils lies,

Just cannot seem to help themselves.

Deluded they think ole Satan’s imps

Are cute little furry elves!



Did not do Lazarus a favor when

God hauled him from Paradise,

Unhappy return to a world of sin,

To answer the sisters cries!



Yes, Satan lies, as God is truth!

He raised the dead!  And again

They will be raised everlastingly

Just whenever God says, “When!”



(*)  James 2:19

(**) II Corinthians 12:4



Sam Cox 09.26.03

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