The absolute imperative that most important fact,

From any age or culture or promising contact;


Befitting the heroic from pleasure-loving age,

Adventures, most fast moving, from histrionic page


Discounting wealth and power, as hard as that may be,

Experience the unusual to ultimate degree!


Something far more basic than picture shows though wild.

Exciting rides soon ending clean fun all undefiled.


Yes, something more important than finite pleasures, fun,

The infinite impending when this day on earth is done!


What can profit anyone, experience any dream,

If we miss the immortal eternities main stream?


This is it, the absolute imperative to find,

In this brief life direction and through it peace of mind!


Is this, then, our direction to press toward the prize

Into the highest call imagination can devise?


Beyond imagination there is nothing can compare,

To the matchless glory that with Jesus we will share!



(Paul had an experience, caught up to paradise, where he had

experiences that he was not permitted to share.  Perhaps because

in our present mortal state we would not understand of fully

appreciate their exceptional glory!  Add to that forever and ever.

“It will be worth it all…”  Do not miss it!)



SHC, that is me  09.20.02

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