Of course God will forgive you,

So go ahead and sin.”

That is what the flesh dictates now

Because sin dwells within.



Invited Christ to fill your heart

But then you put Him out,

Preferring all that sinful stuff

You could not do without.



So now we sin presumptuously (1)

Anticipating grace (2)

Rationalizing things we do

Like, spitting in Christ’s face?



Is this what David meant when

He pled deliverance

From sins of presumption, (1)

Joy in sins continuance?



Oh, God forbid!  How can this

Be a possibility?

With David, I cry out sincerely,

“God, deliver me!” (1)



He does deliver but there is fear

Of future consequence;

Is God in patience crying out,

“Get off that stupid fence?”



There must be a connection here

In this without a doubt,

“Neither hot nor cold but lukewarm,

I shall spew you out!” (3)



(1) Psalm 19:13

(2) Romans 6:1, 2

(3) Revelations 3:15, 16



Sam Cox 09.04.03

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