Old man mentor had his pupils some 2,000 years ago.

What he taught them was wisdom, the only way to go.


Abraham and Moses had Jehovah, the very best.

Elisha had Elijah, many prophets passed the test.


The disciples, taught by Jesus, could not get much better!

Oh yes, Joshua had Moses, they went by the letter.


Paul had Gamaliel, taught law and philosophy.

Later, in the wilderness, God taught and that was free.


Paul mentored young Timothy, his son in the faith.

Many are still mentored into Christ’s saving grace!


Melancthon had Luther and both from Rome were led!

Following the Scripture by the Holy Spirit fed!


My parents were my mentors, they taught through early days,

To follow Christ, the Savior, in Holy Spirit ways.


And then The Lord took over.  I am Holy Spirit led.

His teaching will continue as daily I am fed!


He is leading me to heaven, I have faltered by the way,

But depending on His strength, I am led to perfect day!


Eternal in His glory my Mentor and my King,

By faith I, even now, can the song of victory sing!


It is not my win but Jesus, who saved me by His grace,

And died for me that soon I may look upon His face.


One look not near enough!  I will spend eternity

Basking in His Son-light because He mentored me!


My depression destroyer to reach that happy day

I keep looking to Jesus!  He led me all the way!



Sam Cox 09.04.03

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