Ever stop and consider

The wonders of God’s Grace?

His own perpetual motion

Spheres spinning out in space?



Will earth, one day, stop spinning?

And what about His love?

The earth upon its axis

It is all controlled above!



The spinning is timed perfect!

It is out of control!

The sun, the moon, the planets,

Well-timed as ages roll!



This is not accidental

Nor is His love for me.

Well-timed and orchestrated,

Along with grace so free!



Believe Him and accept Him

Yes, it is conditional!

He will not force it on you!

Perpetual, free, and full!



Perpetually inviting

“Come,” He invites you still!

“Delight yourself,” to love Him;

Start spinning in His will.



I cannot understand it;

Nor can you, friend of mine!

So why not name it proper,

Perpetual God designed!



SHC 11.02.02

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