Hypothesis and theories do not true science make.

Thoughts and dreams, aside from truth, contribute to true fake!


Mount Everest highest mountain Himalayan range, you know,

Was five miles below sea level about 10 million years ago.


Hypothesis and theories science fellows sure have fun,

Desperation for pet theories recently takes quite a run!


Horse evolving, or the monkey, which is which?  How can you tell?

Horse’s head a whole lot longer, both have tails, I know quite well!


Yes, there is quite a difference; it is a difference plain to see,

Except for them with the blinding hypothetical theories!


They have found fossils of sea life on Mount Everest way up there,

Every mountain on this earth will show sea life!  So prepare


For a practical explanation of how fish swim in the sky!

Flying fishes reaching heights never knew they flew so high.


Well, they did not!  Old Noah knew when his boat went stratosphere

Air was thin, and he was sober, and he knew what not to fear!


You all know the Bible history of the flood, just happened once.

God said, “No more,” enough water, but you would have to be a dunce


To choose Everest five miles under, instead of flood time, five miles high!

Have not seen a mountain growing from an ocean!  Wonder why?


Ten-thousand years (*) plus Everest up there; twenty-nine thousand feet above,

The sea and all the flying fishes, God put them there!  Why?  Just love, pure love.



Now I suppose you want proof, talk to God.  He listens!



(*) Not million



Sam Cox 09.21.03


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