No confirmed unbeliever can inherit

Everlasting joy and peace above!

But the righteous made righteous be adoption

Are already ever living in His love! (*)



There is nothing that can separate believers

Who by the Spirit are reborn,

From God’s love who gave His Son to save us.

Can a child from his mother’s arms be torn? (**)



It could happen in this day and has happened.

But God has promised never to suffer loss.

The loss of any of His children who have

Arrived at acceptance through the cross.



The cross is historically factual

“Before Christ,” and after dated true.

Persecuted Christians gladly suffered

To gain heaven!  What else could they do?



Then you measure time to everlasting,

A ruler or math you do not need!

This beautiful life is but a vapor

The difference we all must concede!



So where will you spend the everlasting?

The choice is positively yours!

I choose Jesus as my Redeemer

To Satan and his tensile lures!



Calculus, you do not need to prove out

Or measure the best choice to make!

It is simple as knowing the difference

Between real joy and stake and bake!



(*)  Galatians 4:5, Ephesians 1:5 and Romans 8:15, 28

(**) Isaiah 49:15-16 also Philippians 1:6



Sam Cox 08.31.03

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