God is leading always; you may not feel directed,

The wilderness engulfs you, lost you feel rejected.

Jesus was rejected, rejection so complete

That only two knelt at His nail-pierced feet!

Just how lonely are you?  Does no one love or care?

You are in good company, you this with Jesus share!

He died for you rejected so that you need not fear

Ever being lonely for He is always near!

To comfort and to guide you although you may not see

A pattern or His footsteps, He still says, “Follow Me!”

We follow by believing by trusting in His Word,

Waiting and listening for that ‘still small voice’ you have heard.

Many times you have heard it, a clear and gentle prod,

“This way, walk ye in it,” the gentle voice of God!

Sometimes the path seems darkened no presence seen or felt.

Again you are in good company, Jesus, as He knelt

Alone in the ‘garden’ the weight of sin He bore.

The sin of all the ages, sins vilest filth and gore!

“Let this cup pass from Me,” He groaned but now we know

The path that led to Calvary, one way we need not go!



He went there for us!!



Sam Cox 08.29.03

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