We have a tendency to try and make profound assertions,

Explaining every truth away, from Genesis to curtains!


But do these explanations really satisfy at all?

Or do they raise more questions to confuse and cause the fall–


Of true insightful thinking on theories past and now?

My how they change those theories to which we humbly bow!


Centrifugal, centripetal forces they all play

An important part in clearing up what happens everyday!


Ah, forces, now we are talking!  Or force can we admit

There is a force supreme to which all actions must commit?


For without the prime, original cause of all we see (*)

Without our God, Creator, there is nothing that could be!


I will never see a poem or a thesis written down

Or any such attempt by an ape or monkey clown!


Let us face it; species may have been evolving gradually,

Within the realm of their own kind, to a small or a large degree.


But flesh of man and flesh of beast will differ evermore!

Should I be convinced otherwise, I promise to explore.


Let us give monkey, for that theory, he hath written down

And place upon his furry head the literary crown!


But that can never happen for “God breathed in man,” you see

That crown of His creation, breath of immortality!


This was bestowed on primal man, not evolving monkey.

God is and is perfecting through circumstances you and me.



(*) Or do not see



Sam Cox 07.05.03

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