The lion, from Judah’s tribe, He came

To rescue man from sin,

But the master of sin, the sibilant,

Came planting sins poison within.



Cleansing the temple of merchants He roared!

And the fear of God came down!

Tornado-like power swept through the courts

All fled from God’s angry frown.



His robe seemed burnished with golden flame

And flaming darts seemed to fly

From His mouth as He drove the evil out!

“Do not return!  Do not even try!”



The roar was heard through the city that day,

A reverberation of sound,

The bleating of sheep, cattle stamping,

But the serpent was still around!



Anaconda, cobra, rattler, a snake!

Yes, he comes “as an angel of light.”

Can crush you, swallow, poison, and kill

Even while you are thinking delight!



But we need not fear the serpent’s sting,

His deception we clearly can know!

The final victory belongs to the “Lamb”

When the “Lions roar” drives sin below!



Sam Cox 08.12.03

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