Ring bestowed, yes, it has been done

By my tall and thin grandson.

No more fun in the sun

For Ian.



No!  I am kidding, of course,

Not engaged to a horse,

But a living doll!  No remorse

For Ian!



Niki, hope I got that right.

Not just cute she is also bright!

Christian, too, walks in the light

And a poet!



Of course, you know now that she is perfect,

She can run in any circuit.

Put an eight-ball in the pocket




She and Ian taking studies,

Far apart they cannot be buddies,

Which is smart, hard to study

When in love! (*)



For each other they will pray

Looking forward to the day

When together they can stay




Pray for them that God will lead

That their studies will bear seed

To prepare them for the need

They will find.



Praying hard to find a place

Share with others ‘saving grace’

Looking to the loving face

Of Jesus!



(*) Hard for me anytime!



Your ever loving Gramps S. Cox 8.27.03

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