Comfort vainly sought as friends and family gather round;

Broken hearts and endless tears, no solace to be found.

Flowers gray and skies, even birds, prove troublesome.

Friend’s kind words and you wonder where they are coming from.



Can nothing ever replace this grief?  Is time the only cure?

How can a mortal struggle on this hopeless grief endure?

We miss that one.  That face we see through days and sleepless nights!

Remembering joys and sorrows shared with many shared delights.



Is there no respite, no relief, no kind forgetfulness?

I wish I knew!  But I am not God.  Ignorance I confess.

But this I know; God know and cares, He really cares for you!

Meanwhile there is something you must learn, just trust.  He will guide you through!



The time will come, no one knows when you will start to realize.

Seems suddenly the grief is gone, God’s comfort a surprise!

Through it all know you were led, through that darkest night.

Trust Him, your true Comforter!  His way is always right!



For all who suffer loss!  It is not easy but God does care!



Sam Cox 08.05.03


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