Word of God is delivered here!

Both pastors love The Lord!

It is obvious from their preachment

That Jesus is adored!



In depth the Teaching Pastor

Carries as we go,

Presenting obscure passages

Developing to show–



God’s will, the Spirit leading us

In this prayerful task,

To be delivered from the evil one

To in God’s presence bask.



In depth they are both presenting

The Holy Spirit’s work

In and through believers

Work we should never shirk!



“Work for the night is approaching,”

But we seek less work, more fun!

There is joy in work that we scuttle

For when our work here is done—



Inevitably the day ends!

For some of us quite soon!

I will be in heaven before most!

Singing some heavenly tune!



In that blissful new by and by,

With the angels we merge!

Who needs wings, we will just fly!

So with then I will converge!



Hard to associate this life now,

With anything waiting there!

For now we see through a dirty glass

Can this with heaven compare?



Sure, I think not!



I am Sam’l Cox 11.07.10

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