Looking just what do I see out there?

Everything!  Blue sky!  But compare

To evening shadows, trillions of lights!

Infinity!  Foreverness, evening delights!



Just imagine flying through space by day,

Spheres soon takes shape, a planet I would say!

Speed of light then green grass I see

New world has it been waiting for me?



Heaven?  “I go to prepare…”

A place for you to with others share!

Towering mountains I see all around,

Ears soon catch a most pleasant sound!



Sight grows clearer and with ears attune,

Clear bell-like voices I hear and soon

A brilliant light shines everywhere.

I see singers thousands!  Here and there.



High on a hilltop, down by a stream,

Voices blend everywhere it seems!

Delighting to sing!  It is clear to me,

Soon I find myself acting instinctively!



I sing, soon each word rings clear!

Familiar to all it seems and dear!

Praising with tune words all seem to know,

Happily praising the Savior, we flow!



Through stream round hills to place of light!

Presence of God in whom we delight!

Do not fret though you are a monotone,

In heaven sing, pitch wise, and not alone!



the Sam 11.04.10

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