I will be a friend forever to Jesus,

He is my friend.  First loved me,

Never thought I would be so fortunate

As the promises that I see!



Like, I will never leave nor forsake you!

Did I trust Him way back then?

When enemy on that island desperate

For food, were taking our men!



Seldom ever found a corpse though

We lost men everyday!

Did I believe that I would be a meal

When I acted that stupid way?



Could see their cave from that tree root there

And, of course, I am in plain view!

They were hidden by bushes and felt safe!

But they were low on amo, too!



Wisely, of course, we hid cautiously

All except for fool me!

With invisible wire and a hand grenade,

Slid down to a path, plain to see!



Of course, they could see I am in plain view down there.

I waved that grenade to make sure,

Then I planted it so cautiously,

For fools there is no cure!



Stayed awake after dark to see, rather hear.

Soon rewarded, footsteps, faint but clear.

Quiet and no other sound

I knew that they were near.



Faint light up there through the trees.

Threw my grenade, both went off!

No one could sleep through all that noise!

A bit louder than any cough!



Then that screaming from their officer

Frustration was the sound.

Had a feeling the war would soon end!

Then, oh boy, homeward bound!



Did I still have a home back home?

Questionable, at least!

Assurance, of course, a home in heaven

That heavenly spiritual feast!



I had lost 30 lbs. down to hundred thirty,

Skin and bone!  That was me!

Fighting weight but weightless in heaven!

Spirit!  I will soar weightlessly!



I am just plain ole’, plain old!

Sambo 10.11.10

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