Thief on a cross, many more like him.

Converted by Christ from life of sin.

Repentant, he comes defensively

Plaintive the cry, “Remember me!”



Without hesitation, “This very day,

Be home with Me, to live and to stay!”

Confess his sins?  Did not Jesus know?

Make restitution?  How could he go?



Why do we make it so hard to enter?

Christ standing there, the very center

Says, “This day with Me!  My home above!”

So we are accepted, our home in love!



He lets us know what He wants us to do.

Not cut and cooked, like, a bowl of stew.

Make it easier, like, walk in the park.

Do it by day, if afraid of the dark.



Did it for me, cannot remember his name,

But up in heaven it will be the same.

Will not fault me for a bad memory,

Hey you up there in heaven I will see.



I think of Mitch that twitching hand tells

Take to heaven cannot stand that hell!

A believer?  Yes, glad you made it, son!

War is over, that day is done!



Cummerford, Floto, no neither one

But how should I know?  I am not God’s Son!

He died for everyone by that tree!

Praise God!  Oh yes, He died for me!



S. H. C. 09.08.10

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