In the glory of the heavens

How can anyone come close

To numbering the stars out there?

You would surely get a dose–



Of eyeball circles,

Wanting to deliver

One star from another where

Some seem to merge together.



Countless!  Numbering impossible!

With just part of the sky

Visible to the telescope, not

To mention the naked eye!



Numberless, like, the sands of the sea.

Countless may come closer to fact

Than an exaggerated number out there

Giving number to the birds in the sky.



Coming within a fraction

But that is what my God can do!

My God of compassion!



Countless?  Numberless?  God knows all!

Every tree, every plant that grows!

Made them all, the plants and trees!

What does He not know?



Knows my thoughts, dreams, concerns,

Sure, knows my every need!

“Cattle on a thousand hills…”

In pleasant pastures feed!



Sure, “God will take care of you”

Let Him!  Trust Him!  Believe!

“He will never leave nor forsake!”

“Ask and you shall receive!”



Of course, we have done wonders

Through Christ’s cross heeding,

But only God creates life!

Through His word, seeming!



Spread the word, God sows the seed!



Sam Cox 09.07.10

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