Do you know Jesus as personal Savior?

Has He taken your sin?

Life of sin, like, wanting to stay

In that pit where pleasures begin.



Distorted sense of pleasures devised

By Satan to drag you down

To his level of carnality

Where pleasures wear the crown!



King pleasure!  Crowned with dignity

Assimilating joy!

Eventually taking over its

Perversion to employ.



“Have to have fun, like, once in a while.”

Of course, you have heard it oft’.

Until job and fun control the life

With church one hour aloft.



A devotional time or two a day

If you really devote!

Can make the difference that determines

Exactly how you vote!



For pleasure time or for the King!

Question, is He the King?

Is He really King of your life?

Have you invited Him in?



“King of my life, I crown Thee now,”

Is this your invitation?

Or is your life controlled by a

Subdued, like, consternation?



Subdued?  No!  Never stays that way!

But a sense of disaster pending

If perfect love does not cast out fear

In torment you are contending!



That perfect love, a shared love with God

There can be nothing beside!

Perfection is hiding in Him!

You do not need a place to hide!



Nor do I, Sam Cox 08.31.10

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