The heat is on!  Cool summer, hot fall!

July is most of August most, et al.

So pleasant!  Could eat in the sun, enjoy!

Sun even pleasant, I recall, as a boy.



Enjoying the sunshine but do not wish again.

Maturing at ninety disturbing but then

Recalling sweet pleasures, is it a sin?

I live a full life I am convinced.



Convinced that the bumming around quite clear

I could not settle down but had nothing to fear

But fear itself!  On a rock coming down

Clinging one hand, cool head, got around!



Cannot remember even fearing, as calmly with care,

Praying the next hold my God ever there!

Certain I could make it convinced the end

Not yet but could be just around the bend!



Then around the bend first jump from a plane,

With 6 more pending, could I do it again?

Facing the combat I just could not miss

Dreading the Philippines, First Scout, no not bliss!



False feeling of confidence, could this be the way?

The war, led patrol, new paths everyday!

The whittled down replacements back to 12.

Whittled down again, sometimes 4 not shelved.



Still going!  My cobbers (*) I outlived them all!

Mitch the final, would not listen, knew the call.

Looking straight ahead picked one between the eyes!

I still cannot stand watching while one dies!



A buddy tripped a landmine, I nearly turned sick.

Left side blown to kingdom, medic come quick.

Died on the way down so just as well,

Heart, lungs, innards all punctured!  Just where is hell?



Can we picture this life without problems?  No!

Face that machinegun, go with the flow.

Hand twitching, help me!  Just no help around!

Not even buried naked was found!



(*) A pal a chum



S.H.C. 08.26.10

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