Truly amazing, just think of it!

God loves everyone!

The thoughtless rabble paid to scream,

“Crucify!” God’s Son.



If you are truly the Son of God, save yourself

And us!  One crucified yelled!

Yeah, save yourself!  The rabble echoed

Of cheap liquor they swelled!



Scribes, the Pharisees, and priests

Observed with satisfaction

This rabble rouser will not bother us now!

His miracles are done!



But the other thief had few words and

Full of self condemnation

“Would you please remember me when

You come into Your kingdom?”



“This very day…in Paradise…”

The Savior’s heart in tune

You will be with Me, I promise!

In spirit they communed!



Sure, suffering is a normal thing.

This sin cursed world, we do!

Consider, if you will, the cross

Unleashed agony!  So true!



Horrific, unbearable, torture,

Not just spikes through tender flesh,

Belabor spit and insults hurled

Not fighting it, longing for death.



Wanting to die but that last breath,

Difficult to ignore!

Wrenching, struggling, mouth open wide

With gasping reaching for more–



Air!  But not there anymore!

Sheer blackness envelops all

In an instant!  Then brilliant light!

Answering heaven’s call!



“Father, forgive them!” the muffled cry,

“They know not what they do!”

I wondered with my sinful ways

Did I know?  Yes, it is true!



Sam Cox 08.24.10

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