One day to remember, six month of battle,

Stuff I will never forget!

Trudging those paths through unseen dangers

Not hard to remember yet!



Sure, this is the day to remember

As though I ever forgot!

Though I miss lay stuff I am not supposed to

Do not recall, sure, forgot a lot.



Received an address promptly forgot,

Important to remember.

Highly respected individual it is

Missing I discover!



I searched everywhere, every pocket of

Clothes worn recently

Not to be found.  How explain my lack of




Confirmed forgotten this sad sack

Cannot blame anyone who

Would chose to forget such relationship

As existed between the two.



But, of course, remembering quite a lot,

Especially wartime events.

Should have been killed so I would be remembered

As there are not many comments—



About the existing fortunates

Who struggling, made the scene

To tell all about the gory stuff

That really happened unseen!



Unheard, unseen by the media

Unpublished left unsaid!

Like, over the hill to escape!

Much better off dead!



But still live on to regret

Some saw it with their very eyes.

Robbed a wealthy Filipino man

Clubbed him, left to let die.



Then discharged to live as criminal!

Maybe electric chair he inherits,

To murder seems so easy!

Overseas America compare it!



Crime so easy for criminal

Killing you must in war!

Keep it up, get away with it

But saved!  To kill no more!



Sam, Honorable discharge!

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