Still a few memories of my India remain,

Indelibly in my mind.

Think I have projected them once, maybe twice,

Over the first 10 years of my time.



Remembering will not cause a mental strain

I either remember or do not!

My God will not let me declare as true

What is not so I will not!



Few bad memories remain regarding us

Coxes and the Marian tribe

Including Baldwin Terrill and a few others thrown in

Now you are in for a ride!



Father had high fever but compelled to go

To village of a cripple man

From Brahmaputra River, a wooded campsite there

Thinking; “I am sick but I can!”



The cripple, a convert, dad went to encourage

Sat in the middle of the street expectantly

Waited for dad, crumpled by the farthest tree.

Smallpox took over for free.



Carried back to camp and put to bed.

Was assured, ‘God cares for you, too!’

Campfire, large circle about the fire

A native called out, praying for you!



Fever rose, boys driven back to compound,

Father died and was buried there.

Cripples request, “Carry me back to the grave.

Now go!  Leave me here!”



“You will be eaten alive!” the men declared,

But left him there shaking their heads.

Returned early morning expecting the worst.

Met cripple carrying his bed!



They were astonished to say the least!

Knelt, stayed there groaning.

“No, no!” the former cripple cried.

“Arise, stop that moaning!”



“Remember Sahibs God?  He healed me!”

Returned to village, all saw and heard,

Villagers then turned to God, everyone!

They seeing believed The Word!



What did Jesus say?

“Blessed are they who having not seen…believe!”



S. H. Cox 09.28.10

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