Praise Avenue in the city of bliss

Built by God!  Cannot beat this!

City of Light, sure, heaven it is called

Just no sorrow or pain there at all!



No sickness there, purest health and joy,

This is what I want for this old boy.

“Like the Angels…” Christ said, do not require

Such substance nor do they desire—



Stuffing the body with food that looks good.

Less calories, I guess, it is as it should!

I expect with old age one just tapers off

Getting ready for heaven!  Now, do not scoff!



A spiritual feast we know little about,

The banqueting table cannot do without!

But glorified body not in need of food

Substance, spiritual, and always good!



So very good as the reference suggests

Banqueting table without all the mess!

Mess here, mess there, we eat way too much,

Substance only consider as such!



Of course, it is required!  On food we depend

Required the system to defend!

Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

More spiritual food we need!  Must seek!



Food for the spirits, our scriptures, provide

Prayerfully we in Christ do reside,

But in all sensitivity always we pray

For spiritual food each and every day!



So we have food and there is food for the soul

This intake we do not need to control!

Cannot get too much scripture and prayer

Strength you will find as you meet Jesus there!



Strength we all need to keep strong in spirit

One thing is certain devil is not in it!

He just took off when we prayed the Bible!

Do what it says and you will not be liable

to sin!



Sam’s simple preachment! 08.16.10

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