Why did Jesus die on that cross?

Submitting willingly?

Sins penalty is what He took!

Claimed it for you and me!



Died that we need not die in our sins!

Projected!  Ever our time began.

He died for me and you sinner friend,

Sure, myself a sinner I am!



We live our lives in a sinful world

And the Holy Spirit cries!

The pride of life cannot help myself!

“Wages of sin…” I must die!



The Spirit woes but we disobey.

He pleads, “Do not do it!”  We do!

Holy Spirit as a Gentle Dove

With triune Godhead it is true!



One God, of course, the Trinity

God the Father, in love

Came down, the Son, to propitiate

Spirit, the gentlest Dove. (*)



To recap, baptism of Jesus

Spirit, symbol, a dove

Descended, baptism complete.

God smiles Spirit, His Love!



“God, in three persons,” threesome descend

In God the Son, He who died for us.

God the Holy Spirit in baptism

All One in Christ Jesus!



God the Father, God the Son, and

God the Holy Spirit

It is the Triune God, each One in One!

One God!  Simply accept it!



We accept Christ by faith,

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.”



(*)  Matthew 3:16



Sam Cox 06.15.10

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