“Father, forgive them for they do not know…”

He prayed from that cross for sinner below!

Who tortured, tormented then nailed Him there!

Jesus, who did nothing but show His care!



Untouchables, lepers He touched then and healed!

Could they not know what this action revealed?

The great God who heals, who raises the dead!

“Only wise God provides us with bread.”



Provides us with comfort, rest, when required.

Mary and John from that cross inspired,

“Behold thy Son!  Receive they mother!”

Brothers and sisters with one another.



Saw Him raise Lazarus, how could they not know?

This Jesus was God’s Son sent down to show

That believing on Him would mean their salvation!

As prophesied since Adam’s creation.



His seed should bruise the ‘Serpents head’

As man’s heel shall be bruised instead.

As the struggle continues, we against Satan, contend!

Victory is ours, Satan’s loss in the end!



With God deciding, how can we lose?

Just one way to lose when it is loss you choose.

But why would anyone chose such an end?

Understandably loss without a friend!



But we have a friend in Jesus we see

His promise He keeps, “I will never leave thee!”

Any separation, you can surely tell.

Say yes to Satan, he will take you to Hell!



Sam Cox 07.06.10

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