Not many Christian poets on the male side I see.

Are most men too macho?  Considered femininity?

Consider the David who once ruled Judea, Samaria.

Do you think Him effeminate?  I double dare you!



Femininity, masculinity, considered not in our future.

“Like Angels in Heaven,” like heavenly, mature! (1)

Feminine, masculine, best of both in Heaven.

Converging similitude, just leave out the leaven.



No mutual communication of the opposite sexes,

No boasting permitted about being from Texas!

Similitude each thinking as Jesus would, in love!

Love that leads benighted souls to seek Heaven above!



“All have sinned…” we do well to realize this is true!

“…come short of the glory of God,” oh yes, you too!

If you think wealth can, like, get you in read Jesus’ words! (2)

That rich man, “went away sadly.”  Do these words disturb?



Anything that keeps you from serving God supremely,

Pray it will not keep you from loving him entirely!

“I beseech you, therefore, brethren because of the mercies of God, (3)

That you present yourselves to Him.”



“And be not conformed to this, sad and miserable, world,

But be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” give Christ control!

Happy the people who do not have to obey

Who loving Jesus freely, love to go His way!



(1)  Matthew 22:30

(2)  Matthew 19:20-24

(3)  Romans 12:1-2



Sam Cox 06.08.10

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