No matter how perfect the situation

There is always some fly in the soup.

I should have learned that a long time ago

Before I, like, flew the coop!



Contrariwise whatever the picture

A straightening can be done.

Something that can be learned from it all

Then back to, like, having fun!



Or whatever your posture was before

Not to say, fun is bad!

Work makes for better accomplishment!

Best antidote for sad!



Deliverance from evil, “Thine is the Kingdom,”

Power, glory forever!

While I am struggling, God is protecting

And will He leave me?  Never!



That is not to say that I am close to perfection,

Can perfection ever be?

Nearest I can get to that station is

When He is close to me!



But then has He not promised to never leave?

Keeps that promise, it is true!

So if it should seem that He is far away

The one who has left is you!



There is only one way to get back to Him,

Since I am the recalcitrant one,

I need kneel at that cross!  Sob at His feet!

God’s one crucified Son!



They surely foresaw Him crucified in the

Old Testament days long past.

Job’s prediction, “I know My Redeemer lives!

And I will see Him at last!” (*)



What then about my Savior and Lord?

I now see Him suffering for me

It is not pity alone, though He took my place

On that cruel cross tree!



Will my ardor for Him ever cool down?

Of course!  Just humanity!

So prone to forget until I see that cross

And know what He did for me!



(*) Job 19:23-27 read it



Me 05.25.10

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