My new home, out on the sun porch.

Tell me, what can compare?

Beautiful all around and shaded!

Give up?  Like heaven there!



Close to, like, heaven should say

Any closer I would be

There already, instead of way off

Out in the wild country.



Should have said our new family home

Daughter and family share!

Contrary to what any may think

It will be peaceful there!



Daughter and husband, granddaughter, too.

Bedrooms, we use all four!

Shaded out there, like, call of the wild,

But tame!  No snakes out the door!



My room?  Delightful!  Grassy green the floor,

Walls light blue all around.

Peaceful in there and will soon warm up!

No crickets, no cricket sound.



Could be God is getting me used to heaven.

Accustomed, do you suppose?

But nothing could be as grand as that!

With immortality clothed!



But nothing could be that fair I contend,

“I go to prepare a place.

For you and will come again to receive.”

Nothing can heaven deface!



Yes, “Delight yourself in The Lord and He

Will give you the desires of your heart.”

Set your affections on things above,

And that is a very good start!



Heaven if fairer and so much brighter!

No need, I think, to pretend!

His Spirit bears witness with mine!

I know with a shout He will descend!



S. H. Cox 05.23.10

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