A loving God does not send

Anybody to hell!

Nor any soul for that matter.

Which is which?  Can you tell!



We will know in heaven!  Spirit or soul?

The difference,  associate

Spirit, soul, and body we will know!

The difference, no debate!



God does not send anywhere!

Truly everyone’s choice!

Your own choice, believe it or not!

How fair!  All have a voice!



Respected your voice that is

Cursing, preaching He hears!

To preaching you can feel His amen!

Cursing just fear and tears.



What then do you think He forgot,

Forgot to, like, make you rich?

You should be traipsing to the bank

Instead of, like, digging this ditch?



“I am the master of my own fate!”

I captain my own soul!

Nobody tells me what to do,

All is under control!



Instead I am in the soup kitchen

Of my God’s tenderest care!

Unworthy still He blesses,

With enough to give and share!



What He gives is not returnable!

He keeps giving me more.

Gifts of Grace!  What more do I need,

Until that eternal shore?



Forever and ever!  Believe it!

With God’s blessing and love!

What more can this soul ask for

Beyond that heaven above?



Sam Cox, eternal, 05.20.10

One thought on “MY LOVING GOD

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