“Give me liberty or give me death!”

Meant every word with every breath.


Patrick Henry I would like to have known.

Recorded in history and not alone!


Proclamation of freedom, liberty bell,

Independence, self-rule, and governed well!


Free government but not anarchy!

Lawlessness in governing deliberately.


Second Continental Congress in 1776

Declared independence, learned some new tricks.


Keeping order!  Savages put down!

Liberty extending!  There will be no crown!


Over three hundred years ago the main thrust,

Liberty!  Like, “In God we trust!”


Washington, a totally God fearing man!

Accomplished only what God’s man can!


Land of freedom, so many folk claim!

Immigrants, “My Country,” in freedoms name!


So freedom in Christ we may also seek!

Everland, heaven, just for the meek.


Meek shall inherit what?  Forever life!

Heavenly Home!  Free from all sins strife.


A Continental Congress for all who come!

Home in heaven, if you truly seek one!


“Seek Me, you will find Me…”  Truly God’s Word!

No sweeter promise ever made!  That I have heard!



Sam Cox 05.18.10

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