Sure, we knew Judas as Jesus did.

Think He was fooled just a bit?

As treasurer, Judas, like, held the purse.

No, Christ was not fooled by it!



As a servant of sin he fooled no one!

Sure, loved money more than God!

When he threw that money at Pharisee’s feet,

Was it repentance in accord?



In accordance with true repentance,

Did he ever truly repent?

True repentance is followed by true hope,

As though receiving consent.



His spirit bears witness with yours when true!

We just know by faith forgiven!

We know, by faith, there is a place reserved

For this poor soul in heaven!



Great rejoicing!  We feel it inside!

Faith tells us so!

“Confess our sins…He is faithful and just

To forgive…” that sinner below!



God knows your heart, can you receive forgiveness?



Just me, Sam 60.02.11

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