My last poem, maybe I think.

Heart keeps a-pumping though had a kink.

Time ago, sure, slowed me down!

Very painful though that is from toe to crown!



Wife can attest to my anguish when

I screamed loud, yes, it was painful, then

Resting some, easier now at 95,

Lived through a war, surprised I am alive!



W. W. II in the islands afar

Squad of 12 cut down to 4 many times, par?

Who makes it?  Who gets it?  Nobody knows

And where to now?  Where the wind blows.



“Where it listeth…”  Nor can we tell!

Just who will live through and who will go to Hell!

God had mercy I lived through that mess!

Then preached for thirty years, must confess!



Better soldering than pastor, must confess,

Perfect score on rifle range the best.

God called me to preach, better at killing,

But then God took me in!  Message instilling!



Worst of sinners!  I must confess!

God’s mercy saw me through every mess.

He let me live on through all these years

Answering all praying, mothers’ tears!



Now unworthy still but this I can see

A place in heaven prepared for, yes, me.



You may consider this boy presumptuous

Did not say I am good enough ever.

Remember a thief on a cross like His,

Did God send him to Hell?  Never!



“If we confess our sins,” is He faithful

And just to forgive?

That is what He said, yes, I believe Him!

He wants me to live!



With Him in His home!



Me, the Sam and Yes, I am close at 95.  08.14

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