God who created us for joy

Unspeakable, defenseless.

The Adam and Eve did something wrong

Sin from then on, endless!



Eternity truly in His plan

Loves all that He made!

Some of it we cannot understand

But do not know how we would trade.



Insect world and germology

Not disannulled by me

I cannot understand all He did

Microbes or yet the flea.



But all, everything has purpose

True!  Fundamentally!

God over all did everything!

All purposefully!



No mistakes in anything

The fish breathing in water,

Tadpoles turn into something else.

Did Eve have a daughter?



Snakes have a purpose, truly do!

Some fish in rivers and seas

Devour others and we eat,

Some good for you and me!



Many who doubt eternal life,

Suppose we die like dogs!

So glad God had a purpose for all,

Including maybe frogs.



Frog legs delicious many folk consider

And remember God does know all!

For everything there is a purpose!

We die but live on God’s call!



Call of the wild is for many understood

And Cain killed his brother, too!

Wonder what became of that killer,

I have nothing better to do!



Now that I am way too old to work

Just sit and write poetry!

Used to sell some now just to give

To anyone for free.



And it is a pleasure!  God’s gift to me!

No need for money anymore,

As we all know it grows on trees

And that is what they are budding for!



Gifts from God, way out of reason!

Air we breathe included!

Sin to shine every season,

Nothing is excluded!



Cannot imagine nor try anymore,

The joy unspeakable true!

Fly with angels visiting stars!

Just everything left to do!



No end!  Eternity!



The Sam 11.14

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