Forgive us our trespasses

We pray again and again!

A prayer God gave us, meaningful!

Knew the nature of sin!



Knew every sinners heart He made,

Though sinless Himself!

Created so and then why?

Sin not left on the shelf!



Shelf so cluttered with our sins,

Cluttered, crowded so we ask why?

Created thusly, die the same.

“Wages of sin, what to die?”



Hellish torment suffered here

Same in hell but far worse!

Everlasting, not fun anymore!

Not enjoyable!  That curse!



That then is sins endless punishment

Foreverness there!

Not only hour’s not just days,

Yes, it is the sinners fare!



Sin on forever unmeasurable

Though measured still it is death.

“Wages of sin,” no life anymore

Except in Hells bad breath!



Of course, sin is bad breath,

Lives on forever!  Death means separation!

Forever!  God’s love unreachable!

That is Hell’s destination.



“Jesus wept!”  Was He thinking of

This tragic loss?

Is His death significant?

Can we forget the cross?



Forgotten by many!  Some did not know.

Have they another chance?

Christ of the cross died for all!

Just one more glance?



How many chances already given?

Near every day the call!

Love is when with Christ we walk

Not just some but all!



God’s children living everywhere!

Whether or not they call!



Call on the name of Jesus for life,

We live to instill desire

Through life we live by faith in Him!

Filled with His Holy Fire!



This old Sam will not get any younger

But God is still on the throne

And He has been there forever and ever!

I will live with Him never alone!



the Sam 06.17.14

One thought on “BAD BREATH OF THE HELL

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    Appreciate it!

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